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On November 19, 2555 the Department of Sanitary Engineering. Faculty of Health Sciences Mahidol University Received the certificate of registration of the Uganda Project Meeting Green (Green Meeting) business enterprise for sustainable development (Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development: TBCSD) in collaboration with the Thailand Environment Institute. Has prepared the project To campaign for the entire organization Public and private sector Guidelines for organizing green meetings in organizations (Green Meetings) applications. To foster efficient use of resources and reduce environmental impact. The organizations participating farms and guidelines for green meetings. Such a concrete application to be certified Green Meetings Certification. From businesses to sustainable development and the Thailand Environment Institute. Presently there are various organizations to join the project. A total of 36 organizations and six organizations certified Green meeting include the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited () Double A (1991) Public Company Limited (Thailand), Siam Steel neocortex synthetic Co. Group DOWS in Thailand. Department of Public Health and Sanitation. Mahidol University The educational institutions and government agencies, first received. Certificate of registration of such activities, the Department of Sanitary Engineering Academy of the first certified Green Meeting.